Roll forming machines and systems

Roll forming machines and systems



A single production line
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that adapt to different requirements

Wich profile do you belong to today?

The company, with its strong innovative personality, is launching its new HFP project, where flexibility becomes the strong point of each section of the production line. The company’s basic philosophy is that flexibility cannot be created without flexible thinking and thus planning: this is the basis of the new concept for a line that easily adapts to required changes. In reality, this approach is one of the characteristics that we have always possessed due to the consolidated use of the ETO (Engineer To Order) method. For us, all solutions are “custom made”. The High Flexibility Project is the culmination of our way of thinking and acting.

In roll forming lines, there are numerous areas of the production process where HFP can be applied: the type and length of the products, the stamping diagram and the packaging characteristics. The High Flexibility Project makes stamping benches modular, made up of high speed hydraulic units. The entire system is managed based on a 2D positioning system where the working coordinates are completely computerized. The efficiency of the roll forming phase is significantly improved, reducing the tooling times using double translating roll forming machine systems or quick change modules.

What is your punching like today?

And finally, you do your own packaging?

Another optimization is achieved with the duplex evolution roll forming machine with automatic or semi-automatic regulation of the base, profile height and thickness of the sheet. The packing or handling process becomes flexible to achieve automatic versioning which reduces, and completely eliminates, manual intervention, automatically processing the various types of products. By creating ever more flexible high technology production lines, HFP today becomes the Tecnopromec design standard.

The flexibility of ideas. The long-standing experience.