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All the contents and information within the site are protected under the database rights, which means that nothing at all may be copied, modified or re-sold for personal gain or for any other use. The contents published in all the pages and sections of the above mentioned webpages can’t be repeated, not even partially, in other webpages, mailing list, newsletter,magazines and cdroms without Gianfranco Trombetti’s authorization, irrespective of profit making. The reproduction of the texts in electronic format is allowed only for personal use and not for commercial one and only if the source is mentioned. The authorization has to be requested in writing per email sending it to The authorization is accepted only if there is a precise in writing assent of the administrator. Silence doesn’t mean that authorization has been accepted. The proprietor of the site (Tecnopromec srl | Via Francesco Bruni 26/28 | SAN SEVERINO MARCHE | 62027 MC | ITALY partita iva | cod. fisc. IT 01414470433) reserves the right to change the contents and the legal notes at any given time and without any notice.

Use of the site

The proprietor of the site will not be liable whatsoever for any damage caused, whatever the nature, due to direct or indirect access to the site, or responsible for the incapacity or inability of getting access to it.

Access to external sites

The proprietor of the site will not be liable for any links to other websites which are provided as a further service for our Users. The proprietor of this site is not responsible for the content of such websites or for the way in which they may be accessed or used: to be precise it is the website owners, who have been accessed that are responsible for the use of the information and graphics which are available on the site, always respecting their conditions.


In this part the organisation of the site as regards to the personal data of our Users will be explained. The article 13 legislative decree n. 196/2003, the data protection act for personal data of website users, that is the law regarding the protection of the personal data of those who use the website, the personal data may be obtained electronically starting from the above mentioned address. The law is valid only for the main site and not for the other external sites which have been accessed by the user. Once a user has accessed this site we may retain data of people who may or may not be identified. None of the information obtained on this website will be passed on or divulged. The personal data provided by the users who request any information may be used only to carry out this service and may be passed on to third parties only if it is thought to be necessary.

Surfing data

The IT systems and software procedures used for this site normally acquire some personal data whose communication is implicit in the use of protocol of Internet communication. This information that is acquired is not kept to be associated with known entities, but because of the type of information it could lead to the identification of the user, through the elaboration and association of third parties. The following data is part of this category: IP addresses, the name and dominion of the user’s computer, notation addresses of resources requested URI (UniformResourceIdentifier), the time of the request, the method used to submit the request to the server, the size of the reply obtained, the numerical code indicating the status response of the server (successful, error, etc.) and other parameters relative to the operative system and to the user computing environment. This data is only used to obtain anonymous statistical information regarding the use of the site and to make sure it is working correctly, the data is cancelled the moment the information has been elaborated. The data could be used if there should be any possible illegal damage to the site.

Data supplied with the user’s permission

The optional, explicit and voluntary sending of electronic post to the addresses shown on the site leads to the acquiring of the sender’s address, which is necessary in order to answer the request, however this is not so for any personal data which may be found in the message.


In such regards no personal data is acquired by the site. The data is not used by cookies to pass on personal information, and no persistant c.d cookies of any kind are used, that is systems to collect identifying information. Session c.d cookies ( which are stored in temporary memory and are erased when the Web browser is used) store information in the form of a session identification (made up of casual numbers generated by the server) and are used to improve the efficiency and safety of the site. The c.d session cookies used on this site allow us to avoid the use of other systems which may potentially prejudice the privacy of the user’s surfing and they do not allow the user’s personal data to be acquired.

Permission for the passing on of data

Except when specified for surfing data, the user is free to supply personal data on the required forms or whenever required by the owner of the site in order to send information. If the user does not give his or her authorisation then he or she might not receive a reply.

Terms and conditions

The personal data is treated with automatic tools for just the necessary time required in order to carry out what it was collected for. Specific safety measures are observed to prevent the loss of any data, to prevent any illicit and incorrect use and to prevent any non-authorised access.

The user’s rights

Everyone has the right at any time to check the existence or not of his or her data and to know the contents and the origins, to verify the information and to ask for any update, or for any correction as expected by article 13 legislative decree n. 196/2003. According to this law the person interested has the right to cancel or transform the data into an anonymous form, or to block any data that has been used in violation of the law, and furthermore they can oppose at any moment, for legitimate reasons, the use of their data. Any request should be sent to the email address of the site in question.